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Real-Time Detection Method for Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil of Mining Area

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570 - 578

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Yanqi Zhao
Ying Yang, Yanqi Zhao, Mingshi Wang, Hongqi Meng, and Zenghui Ye
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Solid wastes and acid wastewater lead to the enrichment of heavy metals in the soil of mining area. Heavy metal pollution causes the decline of soil quality, ecosystem degradation, crop yield reduction, and even threatens human health. For this reason, the real-time detection method for heavy metal pollution in mining area is studied. Taking a mining area as an example, the data of heavy metal content in mining area soil are collected by PLSR model. Based on the collected data, the real-time detection model of heavy metal pollution in mining area soil based on improved analytic hierarchy process and weighted average method is adopted to real-time detect the heavy metal pollution index in the soil of mining area. The results show that the pollution index of Cu, Zn and Pb in the soil of this mining area belongs to heavy pollution, and the pollution of Cd is relatively small. Among them, the pollution index of Pb is the largest among the four heavy metals, and the pollution is quite serious. The pollution sources of Pb, Zn and Cu in this mining area are the same, and the pollution sources of Cd are different from those of other three heavy metals.

mining area, soil, heavy metal, pollution, real-time detection, analytic hierarchy process