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Identifying the Quiet Areas of a Small Urban Setting: The Case of Mytilene

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    Corresponding: Matsinos G. Yiannis
    Co-authors: Matsinos G.Y., Tsaligopoulos A. and Economou C.
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The aim of this study is to achieve a greater insight regarding quiet areas in agglomerations and contribute to their identification. The small urban setting of Mytilene located in the island of Lesvos (North Aegean, Greece), was the case study of this research. The need to control and manage environmental noise has led to the implementation of legislation that in many cases overlooks the acoustic perception of individuals. Due to the fact that noise management efforts along with the promotion of quietness in agglomerations, concerns primarily the residents of the city under consideration, it was essential to practically involve them in the decision making process.  Based on citizen science contribution, a number of “places” were highlighted. The “places” mentioned from this procedure were checked by means of acoustic measurements, concerning the noise levels that occurred within the 24h period. A novel method regarding the duration, repetition, check spot and the positioning of measurement was used, in order to calculate the day, evening and night period’s noise levels (Lden). A performance matrix was then created in order to compare the results, in relation to acoustical, functional and visual criteria. Furthermore, in order to evaluate all the potential Quiet Areas in pairwise comparisons, an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) was implemented. The provision of quietness, as a direct ecosystem service, is a major indicator of environmental quality. Additionally, the way that city inhabitants perceive their acoustic surroundings could determine the character of the landscape along with the quality of the soundscape and define the meaning of quietness that still remains vague.      

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