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Analysis of the Classification of Type-2 Area in the Zoning of Environmental Noise Function

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Environmental Management and Policies

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361 - 364

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Kai Su
Su K., Liao M. Li L. Deng S. He Y.
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The zoning of environmental noise function is aimed to provide a good acoustic environment for people. With the acceleration of China’s urbanization, the zoning of environmental noise function has been widely conducted across the country, and many first-and second-tier cities have even made multiple adjustments on the original zoning. In addition, some third-and fourth-tier cities have also gradually implemented the zoning of environmental noise function. The method for determining the type-2 function area in the “Technical Specifications for Regionalizing Environmental Noise Function” (GB/T 15190-2014) is too general. In this paper, the classification of the type-2 area in different situations was discussed, so as to provide a certain reference for the zoning and adjustment of the environmental noise function areas in various places.

Area of environmental noise function, Zoning, Type-2 function area of environmental noise, Environmental noise management