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A comprehensive evaluation of the level of noise pollution in hospitals of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

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Pollution Control Technology

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363 - 367

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Seyyed Alireza Mousavi
Mousavi S.A. and Sohrabi P.
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Noise pollution higher than the standard values intensifies the patients' disease and also has negative effects on hospital staff. This study aimed to determine the level of noise pollution in the Kermanshah hospitals and also to compare obtained data with national and international standards. Multifunctional sound level meter (Model CEL – 450), has been applied for determining the sound level in different parts of a hospital in 3 different time of day (morning, visiting hours (evening), and night) for working day and holiday. The highest level was on working days and it was 60.24±5.76 dB. The average noise level on holiday was 58.15±5.44 dB. Generally, the average noise level in all studied hospitals was higher than the standard levels. The results of the analyses showed that when the P=0.003, there’s a significant difference between the average noise levels on different days. According to the results of the studies, it is necessary to plan and take managerial and technical – engineering measures to reduce the noise levels to standard levels.

Noise, Noise pollution, hospital, Kermanshah