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Electrochemical Treatment for Real Hospital Wastewater and its Future Prospect

  • Authors (legacy)
    Corresponding: Yudha Gusti Wibowo
    Co-authors: Dewi I,
    Wasinton S,
    Nurhudawati N
    Yudha G. W
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Graphical abstract

Purpose: This study investigates the efficacy of electrochemical remediation techniques in treating hospital wastewater, focusing on parameters including turbidity, color, BOD, COD, DO, coliform, and E. coli. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study conducts a comprehensive analysis of various pollutant parameters, evaluating the impact of contact time on pollutant reduction. Electrochemical methods are explored for their potential in mitigating these parameters. Conclusions: The findings demonstrate the effectiveness of electrochemical techniques in reducing a range of pollutant parameters, with significant reductions observed in turbidity (up to 99%), color (51%), BOD (99%), COD (60%), and microbial contaminants such as E. coli and coliform (up to 48%). Notably, the study reveals that higher voltage doesn't consistently result in superior performance. Limitations/Consequences of Research: While the study showcases promising results, certain limitations and challenges are acknowledged, including the need for further research to address these constraints and optimize electrochemical remediation processes. Practical Value: The study highlights the practical potential of electrochemical techniques as an effective means of wastewater treatment in hospital settings, offering insights into their application and benefits for environmental sustainability. Originality and Significance of Results: This research contributes novel insights into the application of electrochemical methods for hospital wastewater treatment, emphasizing their efficacy in reducing various pollutant parameters and providing a foundation for future research directions in this field.

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