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Assessment Of Rainfall Pattern And Future Change For Kelantan River Basin, Malaysia Using Statistically Downscaled Local Climate Models


Kok Weng Tan et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

Climate change has been discussed frequently in recent decades, and it has increased the probability of extreme flood occurrence. This study aims to provide an analysis of future rainfall patterns and flood occurrences specifically for the Kelantan River Basin which is identified as one of flood...

Statistical downscaling local climate model +4 more

Assessment of Object-Based Classification for Mapping Land Use and Land Cover using Google Earth


Dr. Geraldine Bessie Amali D et al. View all

Environmental data analysis and modelling

Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) maps perform a significant part in Remote Sensing (RS) in monitoring and analyzing earth information for human development. Because of the high spectrum variability, LULC classification from RS data is extremely difficult. The study's objective is to assess the object...

Remote Sensing Land Use and Land Cover +3 more

Eco-friendly soil stabilization: a combined approach using lime and waste eggshell powder


Kulanthaivel P. et al. View all

Innovative environmental solutions

In recent years, geotechnical engineers preferred environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques to improve the engineering characteristics of expansive soil. This paper focuses on the comparative study of the enhancement in engineering properties of expansive soil using lime and waste eggshell...

Lime Waste Eggshell Powder +2 more

Phytochemical analysis by LC MS/ MS and in vitro antioxidant activity of the Algerian endemic plant Dianthus sylvestris subsp. aristidis (Batt.) Greuter & Burdet


Dr BECHEKER Imène et al. View all

Biodiversity conservation

The present work aimed to carry out the phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activity of hydro-methanolic, ethyl acetate and butanolic extracts of Dianthus sylvestris subsp, aristidis (Batt,) Greuter & Burdet leaves. Phenolics, flavonoids and flavonols contents were measured by the Folin-Ciocalteu...

Antioxidant activity Batt. +2 more

Impact of Oxy-Additives on diesel engine performance and emission parameters using Waste cooking oil biodiesel


Pradeep Kumar Singh, et al. View all

Air Quality

From the last two decades, the amount of waste materials recycled into useable energy sources has grown in popularity due to the fast rise in energy demand caused by the world's population growth. In other words, the conversion of garbage into energy will undoubtedly become an essential topic in the...

Waste Cooking Oil air quality +3 more

Extraction, performance and emission characterization of diesel engine using waste lipolytic microorganism biodiesel


M.Arunkumar et al. View all

Sustainable Energy

In this study, milk waste water will be extracted, transformed into Lipolytic microorganism’s biodiesel (LMD) using transesterification, and tested for appropriateness as an alternative, sustainable, renewable source for IC engines. The properties of the created blends of biodiesel were investigated...

Biodiesel milkwaste +3 more

A Correlation Analysis and Visualization of Climate Change using Post-Disaster Heterogeneous Datasets


Sukeerthi Mandyam et al. View all

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

There are numerous geo-climatic and human factors that contribute to the occurrence of natural disasters in the real-world scenario. Besides the study of causes and preconditions of such calamities, post-disaster analysis is essential for the efficient management of the disaster situation. This...

Disasters time-series charts +4 more

Microplastic and associated polyaromatic hydrocarbons in surface waters feeding Beyşehir Lake in Türkiye


Senar Aydin et al. View all

Water Quality

The detection of microplastics, defined as tiny plastics particles having a size from 1 µm to 5 mm, in aquatic environments has become a serious concern worldwide. Microplastics may be introduced either directly to water bodies or indirectly to the aquatic systems. In particular, microplastics may...

microplastics PAHs +1 more

Exploiting Drone Images for Forest Fire Detection using Metaheuristics with Deep Learning Model


S.Rajalakshmi et al. View all

Biodiversity conservation

Forest fires are a global natural calamity causing significant economic damage and loss of lives. Professionals forecast that forest fires would raise in the future because of climate change. Early prediction and identification of fire spread would enhance firefighting and reduce affected zones...

Forest fire Deep learning +4 more

Investigational study of significance of Propanol addition in performance and emission distinctiveness of Compression Ignition engine fuelled through cotton seed oil blended with diesel


Ravi. S et al. View all

Air Quality

Numerous alternative fuels such as biodiesel as well as alcohols have been commercialized in both the industrial and transportation sectors. Cottonseed oil and propanol piqued our curiosity in this context. Many researches has been conducted on a single cylinder four strokes diesel engine competent...

air quality Emission +3 more

Water pollution and carbon dioxide emissions from solid waste landfills: Probabilistic monitoring and evaluation


S.VijayaShanthy et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Owing to increased population, the ground water pollution and disposal of solid waste from the domestic, commercial and the industrial sources has become higher. Mainly, leachate from sanitary landfills increase the ground water pollution and disposal of solid wastes may produce the emission of...

IoT. Emission gas monitoring Linear regression +2 more



Srinivasan. K and Priya. V et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Hazardous metal chromium is used extensively in many different industrial processes and is commonly found in industrial effluents. Hazardous pollutants such inorganic anions, metal ions, synthetic xenobiotics, and others have contaminated ground and surface waters in India and other parts of the...

VI+ chromium +4 more

Utilization of brown seaweed adsorbent for effective removal of Pb(II) from wastewater: Biosorption and column studies


Kousalyadevi G et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Researchers have been focusing on protecting water quality and preventing environmental contamination caused by industrial discharge of heavy metals. Various methods have been explored for extracting these metals from wastewater, but they often prove to be costly and rely on non-renewable resources...

Water quality Biosorption +3 more

Integrating Circular Economy, SBTI, Digital LCA, and ESG Benchmarks for Sustainable Textile Dyeing: A Critical Review of Industrial Textile Practices


Muhammad Yousaf Arshad et al. View all

Circular economy

Dyes play a crucial role in various industries, but their environmental impact and potential health risks have raised concerns. This review paper examines the classification and applications of dyes, highlighting the challenges posed by synthetic dyes and the growing interest in natural dyes. The...

Sustainable dyeing Denim industry +10 more

Impact of biochar on anaerobic digestion of piggery wastewater: Methane production, performance stability and microbial community structure


Qunpeng Cheng et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Anaerobic digestion of piggery wastewater mediated with biochar was investigated by COD removal rate, methane yield, process stability and microbial community analysis. The results showed that biochar could effectively improve the COD removal rate and methane yield. Compared with blank group, COD...

Anaerobic digestion Biochar +2 more

Electricity production by Ochrobactrum-related strain CD-1 and pb2+ removal in dual-chamber microbial fuel cell


Lu Hongsheng et al. View all

Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

Dual-chamber microbial fuel cell (MFC) was constructed to treat heavy metal wastewater (Pb2+ solution). The results showed the maximum voltage, the maximum electric power density and pb2+ removal were 9.6 mV, 371.0 mV/m2 and 52.3% respectively. The effects of different cathode chamber environments...

Effect Of Phytoremediation On The Geotechnical Properties Of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil


E.M. Anju et al. View all

Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation

The accumulation of heavy metals in soils increases rapidly due to various natural processes. Heavy metal pollution changes the geotechnical properties of soil and poses a serious threat to human health and ecosystems, so soil pollution remediation is particularly important. Phytoremediation is an...

Amaranthus bioavailability +3 more

Experimenting the Various Behavior of Pumpkin Seed Oil Methyl Ester with Varied Injection Pressure – Combustion and its emission performance


V.Mohanavel et al. View all

Air Quality

Because of its better physio-chemical qualities, biofuel is indeed a viable substitute source of energy for diesel vehicles. The biofuels used in this study is synthesized from pumpkin seed oil using the esterification reaction technique. The biodiesel was synthesized under ideal conditions and was...

Pumpkin seed biodiesel performance +3 more