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Investigational study of significance of Propanol addition in performance and emission distinctiveness of Compression Ignition engine fuelled through cotton seed oil blended with diesel

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Air Quality

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99 - 104

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Ravi. S
Ravi. S Sathish Kannan, A.H.Seikh, A.Ghosh
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Numerous alternative fuels such as biodiesel as well as alcohols have been commercialized in both the industrial and transportation sectors. Cottonseed oil and propanol piqued our curiosity in this context. Many researches has been conducted on a single cylinder four strokes diesel engine competent of generating 6.3 kW at 2000 r.p.m and in changing load conditions for mixture of Cottonseed oil as well as Propanol by means of diesel geared up on a volume base, namely D90-C10, D85-C10-P5, D80-C10-P10, D80-P20, D75-C20-P5 and D70-C20-P10. The results suggest that adding cottonseed oil to diesel improves thermal efficiency while lowering specific fuel usage. With an increase in HC emission, escalating the percentage of cottonseed oil in the merge trim down emanation parameters like CO, CO2 and NOX. Propanol added to a cottonseed oil merged along with diesel has a comparable consequence to adding pure cottonseed oil in various proportions.

Air Quality, Emission, Cotton Seed Oil, Diesel, Compression Ignition