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Understanding marine eutrophication from agricultural runoff in semi enclosed areas: a short review in the Gulf of Geras, Greece


Karydis M.


The understanding of marine eutrophication in semi enclosed areas due to agricultural runoff, assumes a more integrated approach taking into account the agricultural watershed, seasonal patterns of soil nutrients, rates of erosion and vegetation types. In the present case study in the Gulf of Geras...

marine eutrophication agricultural runoff +3 more

Toxicity of Organophoshorous pesticides to the marine alga Tetraselmis Suecica


Vagi M.C., Kostopoulou M.N., Petsas A.S., Lalousi M.E., Rasouli Ch. and Lekkas T.D.


Organophoshorous pesticides are widely used in agriculture, because most of them are high effective and low persistent. Yet their increased usage has elicited extensive research into pesticide effects on non-target organisms, such as algae. Algae are of vital importance in the primary production of...

organophosphorous pesticides Tetraselmis suecica +4 more

Chemical composition of precipitation at coastal and marine sampling sites in Mexico


Ceron R.M., Ceron J.G., Cordova A.V., Zavala J. and Muriel M.


Chemical characteristics of wet precipitation were measured in Acapulco, Cancun, Tapachula, Puerto Morelos and Tropical Pacific Ocean; from August 1999 to October 2001. The samples were analyzed for pH, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, NH4 +, SO4 2-, NO3 - and Cl-. Ionic abundance revealed a significant...

Tropical oceanic rain coastal rainwater chemistry +1 more

Estimation of Anisotropies in Chlorophyll A spatial distributions based on satellite data and variography by


Michelakaki M. and Kitsiou D.


Sea eutrophication is a natural process, however in many cases is considered one of the major forms of water pollution affecting coastal areas, lakes and reservoirs all over the world. Many methodologies have been developed for assessing eutrophication and during the last decades, the contribution...

marine eutrophication Remote Sensing +3 more

Modeling The Saltwater Intrusion Phenomenon In Coastal Aquifers - A Case Study In The Industrial Zone Of Herakleio In Crete by


Papadopoulou M.P., Karatzas G.P., Koukadaki M.A. and Trichakis Y.


Salinity is a common problem in Greek islands, especially, during the summer period when the saltwater intrusion becomes more severe due to extensive over pumping. In the past few years, the industrial zone of the City of Herakleio in Crete appears to have an increasing water demand as result of the...

Saltwater intrusion phenomenon Water quality +3 more

Characterization Of Tenorm And Sediments Of Kastela Bay And The Influence Of Tenorm On The Quality Of Sediments


Lovrencic I. , Orescanin V., Barisic D., Mikelic L., Rozmaric Macefat M., Lulic S. and Pavlovic G.


The objective of this study was set on three goals: (i) Chemical and radiological characterization and leaching properties of the mixture of fly and bottom ash, (ii) Chemical, radiological and mineralogical characterization of the Kastela Bay sediments, and (iii) Estimation of the influence of...

TENORM fly ash +4 more

The Impact Of Tropical Deforestation On River Chemical Pollution


Benavides F. and Veenstra J.N.


The objective of this study was to provide a quantitative description of the impact of converting tropical forests into pastures for cattle grazing in terms of the sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations at the outlet of a river basin located in North West Costa Rica. The Soil and Water...

hydrologic modeling Watershed Management +3 more

Assessment of the Microbial Pollution of the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center at Schinias through Mathematical Modeling


Romas E., Noutsopoulos C. and Andreadakis A.


The Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center constructed at Schinias, accommodated the rowing and canoe – kayak sprint competition of the 2004 summer Olympic Games. This paper presents the results of a study which aimed at assessing the water quality characteristics, regarding microbial pollution, of the...

faecal coliforms mathematical model +2 more

Copper Release In Drinking Water Due To Internal Corrosion Of Distibution Pipes


Fabbricino M., Panico A. and Triffuoggi M.


The present paper deals with water quality modification during its stagnation in copper distribution pipes caused by electrochemical corrosion processes. Copper is chosen as plumbing material because of its wide use in drinking water distribution systems all around the world, and because of its...

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