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Economic and life cycle analysis of municipal solid waste management for small islands: On-site management scenarios versus off-site transportation


Dimitrios Komilis et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

A comparative economic and life cycle based analysis of five management scenarios for the solid waste generated in the island of Syros was conducted. The LCA part was performed with the LCA – IWM software. The four on-site waste management scenarios were: i) source separation of recyclable materials...

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Impacts of rainfall changes on groundwater balance of coastal aquifers: a case study of the Thermaikos Gulf, North Greece


Konstantinos Voudouris et al. View all

Hydrology and water resources

Groundwater is one of the major parameters in maintaining ecology in many regions. As climate is one of the main factors which affects groundwater resources, the main objective of the present study is to assess the impact of rainfall changes on the groundwater system by projecting the future changes...

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Assessment of future climate change impacts in a Mediterranean aquifer


Pisinaras Vassilios et al. View all

Global Environmental Change

The Mediterranean region is predicted to be highly impacted by climate change and the availability of water resources is expected to decrease. This study aims to assess the potential impact of climate change in an aquifer located in Northeastern Greece, for the period 2041-2070. For this, climate...

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Application of adsorption process for phenolic compounds removal from aqueous environments: A systematic review


Edris Bazrafshan et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater from various types of industries such as synthetic resins, plywood industries, paper and pulp, gas and coke oven plants, paints, coal gas, tanning, textile, plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical, petroleum and mine discharges, contain different types of phenols. Phenolic compounds are toxic...

Phenol and phenolic compounds aqueous environments +1 more

Assessment of soil susceptibility to erosion using the EPM and RUSLE models: the case of Venetikos river catchment


Efthimiou N. et al. View all

Water Resources Management

The study aims to evaluate soil erosion and investigate its spatial distribution by applying two empirical models, namely the Erosion Potential Model (EPM), also known as Gavrilovic method, and the RUSLE model at Venetikos River catchment, the largest and most important tributary of Aliakmonas River...

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Correlative Analysis of the Relationship between Changes in Surface Solar Radiation and Haze pollution (Atmospheric Turbidity Index) in Beijing from 1961 to 2011*


FANG S B et al. View all


Increased aerosol or haze is the reason that solar radiation decreases, but there is no evidence to support this theory. This research aims to quantitatively analyze the contribution of air pollution to surface solar radiation (SSR) reduction in Beijing. Because there is no long-term serial ground...

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Analysing the characteristics and application potentials of jarosite waste in Kosovo


Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

Jarosite waste released from the zinc production process during the hydrometallurgical leaching of concentrates in Trepça lead-zinc smelter, Kosovo has serious environmental problems due to the presence of toxic metals such as Pb, Cd, Zn, As etc. Its disposal in open tailing damps has become a major...

jarosite waste characteristics +1 more

Application of Taguchi Method for Electro-Fenton Degradation of SDBS Anionic Surfactant


Ghanim A. N. et al. View all

Advanced Oxidation Processes

In this work, the effectiveness of electro-Fenton process degradation of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) anionic surfactant in acidic wastewater was investigated. Taguchi method was applied to study the effect of process parameters on oxidation of SDBS pollutant. An orthogonal array L 9...

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Assessment of water quality in drainage canals of Çarşamba Plain, Turkey, through water quality indexes and graphical methods


Hakan Arslan et al. View all

Water Quality

In this study, the seasonal variation on drainage water quality of Çarşamba Plain, Turkey has been evaluated from June 2012 to January 2013 and determined the suitability of water for irrigation purpose. Water samples collected from 21 drainage canals during July and January were analysed for 12...

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Evaluation of the environmental impact of an irrigation network in a Ramsar area of the Greek part of the Strymonas River basin using a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 modelling system


Chalkidis Iraklis et al. View all

Water Resources Management

The need for efficient and economical use of the world’s water requires the implimentation of modern methods to make decisions about water management. This inspired the principal philosophy of the management study of the Hellenic part of the Strymonas River catchment (6400 km 2 ). An important issue...

Kerkini Strymon +4 more

Characterization and evaluation of treatability of wastewater generated in Khuzestan livestock slaughterhouses and assessing of their wastewater treatment systems


Somayeh Golbaz et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Slaughterhouse wastewaters are characterized by a high organic content, mainly composed of proteins and fats. Therefore, these wastewaters should be treated efficiently prior to discharge into receiving bodies to avoid severe environmental pollution. This work aimed to characterize slaughterhouse...

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High-strength ethylene glycol wastewater treatment in anaerobic polyvinyl alcohol gel beads based biofilm reactor


Wenjie Z. et al. View all

Pollution Control Technology

In this paper, ethylene glycol wastewater (EGW) treatment was studied by using one anaerobic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) gel beads based biofilm reactor. Enhanced by PVA-gel beads based biofilm, organic loading rate (OLR) about 11 g COD l -1 d -1 was achieved at the end of this study. Black PVA-gel...

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Effect of Praestol as a Coagulant-Aid to Improve Coagulation-Flocculation in Dye containing Wastewaters


Noorimotlagh Z. et al. View all

Pollution Control Technology

This study was conducted to investigate the effect of praestol, as a coagulant-aid, to improve coagulation-flocculation process in the removal of disperse red 60 from aqueous solutions. The effect of various parameters including coagulants dose (10-1000 mg l -1 ), praestol dose (0-1000 mg l -1 )...

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Magnetic peanut hulls for methylene blue dye removal: Isotherm and kinetic study


Associated professor : Azza El- Maghraby et al. View all

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Biosorption is an emerging technique for water treatment utilizing abundantly available biomaterials.The potential feasibility of magnetic peanut hulls particle for removal of cationic dye (methylene blue) from aqueous solution was investigated. The effects of various experimental parameters were...

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Adaptation through Watershed Management in the Changing Climate


Khan MTR et al. View all

Climate Change Impacts and Societal Adaptation in the Indian Subcontinent

Civilization has been experiencing frequent changes in the climate due to global warming. The developing nations are worst affected as they are largely dependent on the local precipitation and soil moisture for their livelihood generations. The changing climate with extended summer, change in the...

Climate change adaptation +3 more

Adsorption of lead (II) ions onto diatomite from aqueous solution: Mechanism, isotherm and kinetic studies


Turan N.G. et al. View all

Pollution Control Technology

This study presents an evaluation of diatomite as a low cost adsorbent for Pb (II) removal from aqueous solutions under various conditions. The results demonstrate that adsorption of Pb (II) is strongly dependent on the pH of the solution. The effect of pH on adsorption of Pb (II) on diatomite was...

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