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Analysing the characteristics and application potentials of jarosite waste in Kosovo

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Solid Waste Management

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89 - 97

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Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa
Kerolli-Mustafa Μ. and Ćurković L.
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Jarosite waste released from the zinc production process during the hydrometallurgical leaching of concentrates in Trepça lead-zinc smelter, Kosovo has serious environmental problems due to the presence of toxic metals such as Pb, Cd, Zn, As etc. Its disposal in open tailing damps has become a major environmental concern with contamination effects of water, soil and vegetation. The current paper considers the jarosite waste in Mitrovica Industrial Park, Kosovo in order to evaluate the characteristics of jarosite waste, identify the potential environmental impacts and understand its potential for recycling or utilization as a challenge for the development of a positive “green” image environmental protection and sustainable hazard waste management in future. XRD, SEM and TG/DTA were used to analyze the characterization features of jarosite. The results give an initial understanding of the jarosite strengths and application potentials as recycled material. The potential application provides useful contribution towards proper environmental, social and economic management development. 


jarosite waste, characteristics, application.