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Is the integrated water resources management implemented in Jiu river waters in the context of sustainable development? The modelling of the evolution of the concentration of heavy metals

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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445 - 452

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Cristina Mihaela BARBU
Barbu C.M., Negulescu M.C., Ungureanu L., Bicǎ E., Bogdănoiu C. and Pandelica I.
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Once the human technology develops, the study of its influence over the environment, the soil, the water, the flora and the fauna is becoming increasingly important. In communism, due to the lack of integrated management of water resources, the quality of the waters in Romania has constantly worsened. In the same time, the quality of the waters of the Jiu River has worsened. After 1990, especially after Romania's EU accession, our country was obligated to pass a rigorous environmental control which also includes legislation according to the international norms. Our work aims to analyze if the integrated management of water resources is applied to the Jiu River course and also, aims to analyze the evolution of the concentration of heavy metals in Jiu River course in the coming years using a mathematical forecasting model. 


environment, integrated water resources management, Jiu River course, pollutants, mathematical forecasting model.