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Mathematical modeling of primary sludge anaerobic hydrolysis

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Wastewater treatment

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368 - 373

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Daniel Mamais
Efstathiou E., Mamais D., Tsourtis S.. Tridimas P.
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The aim of this work was the application and evaluation of a mathematical model for the simulation of anaerobic hydrolysis and acid production processes. For the description of the processes involved, the Anaerobic Digestion Model ADM1 was employed. The ADM1 implementation in prefermenters is relatively easy, but the estimation of its components concentrations, kinetic parameters and stoichiometric coefficients, remains a problem to be solved. This study provides useful results for the ADM1 implementation in acid digesters design and operation. Model calibration and verification was performed using experimental data from two bench scale acid digesters operating at different temperatures (12, 20, 27 and 34 °C) and retention times (1,2, 4 and 6 days). Model sensitivity analysis illustrated that the values of pH, disintegration kinetic parameter and aceticlastic methanogenesis specific rate, as well as biomass and inert soluble COD concentrations in the primary sludge exert a significant influence on soluble COD production. Model parameters (disintegration and hydrolysis kinetic parameters and specific rate of methane production) as well as the temperature dependency of these parameters are given in this paper.

Anaerobic sludge hydrolysis, mathematical modelling, prefermenter, temperature effect