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Copper, nickel and zinc removal by peanut hulls: batch and column studies in mono, tri-component systems and with real effluent


Oliveira F.D. , Soares A.C., Freitas O.M. and Figueiredo S.A.


The main goal of this research study was the removal of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Zn(II) from aqueous solutions using peanut hulls. This work was mainly focused on the following aspects: chemical characterization of the biosorbent, kinetic studies, study of the pH influence in mono-component systems...

Biosorption Copper +8 more

Gasification of grapevine pruning waste in an entrained-flow reactor: gas products, energy efficiency and gas conditioning alternatives


Hernandez J.J., Aranda G., San Miguel G. and Bula A.


Owing to its higher efficiency and versatility, gasification is seen as a necessary evolution in the development of biomass energy systems. This technology has been primarily tested in fixed bed (updraft and downdraft) and fluidised bed reaction systems, with less information available about the...

Biomass grapevine +5 more

Application of qualitative analysis techniques to the environmental modeling of plant species cultivation


Kalavrouziotis I.K., Visiskirsky V., Stepashko V. and Koukoulakis P.


The main issue discussed in the paper is the application of qualitative analysis techniques when short data samples are available at the initial stage of experiments carried out to study behaviors of agricultural plant species under different environmental conditions. The proposed techniques are...

Environmental modeling Agriculture +4 more

Detoxification of toxic metal ions by sorption onto activated carbon from hevea brasiliensis bark – a comparative study


Kannan N. and Veemaraj T.


Sorption of toxic metal ions (Ni2+, Cu2+ and Cd2+) from Hevea brasiliensis bark carbon (HBBC) was carried out at 30±1 °C under various experimental conditions. Effect of various process parameters has been investigated by following the batch adsorption technique at 30 +1°C. The percentage removal...

Toxic metal ions Hevea brasiliensis bark carbon +3 more

Wave and Dissolved Oxygen Transmission Analysis in Harbors using Flushing Culverts: An Experimental Aproach


Tsoukala V.K., Gaitanis C.K., Stamou A.I. and Moutzouris C.I.


One of the most favorable and cost-saving methods to counteract water quality deterioration in a harbor basin is the use of flushing culverts, which reduce flushing times and avoid areas of low flow and eddies formation. In the present paper, results of experiments carried out in a 2-D facility in...

transmission coefficient Water quality +2 more

Kinetic and isotherm modeling of adsorption of dyes onto rice husk carbon


Verma V.K. and Mishra A.K.


Rice husk carbon (RHC) has the ability to adsorb the dyestuff from aqueous solution. It may be useful low cost adsorbent for the treatment of effluents, discharged from textile industries. The effectiveness of RHC have been tested for the removal of colour from the wastewater samples containing...

Wastewater Adsorption +3 more

Analytical solutions to the stream-aquifer interaction problem: a critical review


Spanoudaki K., Nanou-Giannarou A., Paschalinos Y.,. Memos C.D And Stamou A.I.


The aim of the present paper is to give a systematic and critical presentation of important existing analytical solutions for transient stream-aquifer interaction, which can be used to give answers to simple interaction problems or to verify mathematical models. Stream-aquifer interaction is the...

stream-aquifer interaction analytical solutions +2 more

Nitrogen removal efficiency of an A2/O bio-reactor treating domestic sewage mixed with landfill leachate and fecal sewage


Yu J. and Zhou S.


A set of anaerobic-anoxic-aerobic (A2/O) bio-reactor system was used to treat domestic sewage mixed with landfill leachate and fecal sewage in Datansha Sewage Treatment Plant in Guangzhou China. The experiment investigated the optimal mixing proportion of treating landfill leachate, fecal sewage...

A2/O Anaerobic-Anoxic-Aerobic process +4 more

Sustainable water resources management through the use of GIS technology


Mouratidis I., Dimopoulos G., Astaras T. and Savvidis S.


The increasing water demand, the prolonged drought periods and the human influence in natural resources that put in danger the quantity and quality of water resources, highlight the importance for rational management and exploitation of water resources in terms of sustainable development of an area...

water resources management Sustainable Growth +3 more

Impact of changing rainfall conditions on surface and groundwater resources in an experimental watershed in Greece


Baltas E.A., Dervos N.A. and Mimikou M.A.


The present study concerns the impact of a change in the rainfall regime on surface and groundwater resources in an experimental watershed. The research is conducted in a gauged mountainous watershed (15.18 km2) that is located on the eastern side of Penteli Mountain, in the prefecture of Attica...

Hydrometric stations raingauges +2 more