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Sustainable water resources management through the use of GIS technology

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140 - 151

Mouratidis I., Dimopoulos G., Astaras T. and Savvidis S.
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The increasing water demand, the prolonged drought periods and the human influence in natural
resources that put in danger the quantity and quality of water resources, highlight the importance for
rational management and exploitation of water resources in terms of sustainable development of an
area. The purpose of this study is the application of procedures for sustainable management and
development of the water resources of the Grevenitis basin, using Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) technology. Grevenitis drainage basin is part of the greater Aliakmon river drainage basin (NW
Greece). It’s located in the central section of Mesohellenic Trough. The study reveals the capability
of itself-reliance of the area of Grevenitis basin in covering the total water needs and the new
perspectives for sustainable development of the area with the exploitation of the surface waters of
Grevenitis river and the groundwater of the aquifer formed in the Plio-Pleistocene sediments, which
overlay on the impermeable molassic sediments. It’s also shown the important contribution of GIS
technology with the creation of databases for the continuous monitoring of the various parameters
with their changes and the convenience for direct drawing of thematic maps. The evaluation of
quality parameters of drinking water brings to light useful results and recommendations in order to
assist and improve current water quality monitoring and protective actions.

Water Resources Management, Sustainable Growth, Geographic Information Systems, Grevenitis River, Mesohellenic Trough