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Using GAC to Control THMs in drinking water, an experimental study at the Athens Water Works and an economic evaluation of the method

  • Authors (legacy)
    Koumenides K., Lekkas D.F. and Xylourgidis N.

An experimental study has been carried out in an attempt to verify the efficiency of GAC (granular
activated carbon) in removing THMs (trihalomethanes), and in particular CHCl3, CHCl2Br, CHClBr2
and CHBr3 from drinking water.
The experiments have been conducted at a pilot scale filtering plant that was set up for the purpose, at
the Athens Water Authority, at Galatsi.
This paper reports on the experimental procedure, the sampling technique, the analytical method used,
the overall efficiency of the approach and finally also draws some first conclusions as to the economic
justification of the method, in order to provide some insight on the additional costs of a possible fullscale
use of the method.

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