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Formation of chlorinated organics in drinking water of Instanbul (Turkey) and Salerno (Italy)

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95 - 105

Rizzo L., Selcuk H., Nikolaou A., Belgiorno V., Bekbolet M. and Meric S.
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The occurrence of THMs and HAAs, and other volatile organics in Istanbul (Turkey) and
Salerno (Italy) surface water resources was investigated by the previous and present
data obtained on raw, coagulated, pre-chlorinated, pre-ozonated water samples. The
present drinking water directives/regulations in developed countries set maximum
contaminant level (MCL) for THMs at different levels. In Italy, where the 80-85% of water
demand is supplied by groundwater, a relatively low THMs value of 30 μg l-1 was set,
however there are no HAAs and bromate limits. On the other hand, there is still no
regulation for the THMs in Turkey. The characterization of chlorinated by-products,
particularly THMs, is detailed according to raw water origin and treatment technologies
currently applied in both cities.

chlorinated by-products, TTHM formation potential, TTHMs and HAAs, surface water, pre-chlorination, pre-ozonation