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Weathering of Lead in Fort Irwin Firing Range Soils


Dermatas D., Dadachov M., Dutko P., Menouno N., Arienti P. and Shen G.


This paper investigates the physical and chemical transformation of metallic lead (Pb) in Ft. Irwin firing range soils. Soil samples were collected from berms of two small arms firing ranges, an active one and an abandoned one, located in the Mojave desert. Pb bullet fragments found in field samples...

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Geologic and Oceanographic Data Determining the "Old Foreshore Zone", of the Heraklion Coastal Area, Crete Island


Pehlivanoglou G.K. and Papathanasoglou A.


Geologic, oceanographic and topographic data and field measurements, of the coastal area in front of Heraklion City, Crete Island, as well as deep sea wave measurements and shallow wave prediction numerical modelling were used for the determination of the 1884 foreshore. Data from numerous drills...

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Improvement of H2O2 Stabilization in Rainwater Samples


Ceron R.M., Muriel M. and Ceron J.G.


Peroxides collected in rainwater readily decompose in the natural matrix, consequently it is hard to estimate their values present during precipitation events. For this reason, only few data concerning the concentration of aqueous H2O2 in dew, cloud and rainwater are available. Therefore, it is...

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Lead and copper contamination in small arms firing ranges


Dermatas D., Menouno N., Dutko P., Dadachov M., Arienti P. and Tsaneva V.


Firing range activities have been proven to adversely impact the environment. The main concern in small arms firing ranges (SAFRs) is the fate and transport of heavy metals from bullets and bullet fragments accumulating in soil with lead (Pb) being the primary contaminant. Frequently however...

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Impact of Farming Activities on Vegetation in Olokemeji Forest Reserve, Nigeria


Ogunleye A.J., Adeola A.O., Ojo O. L. and Aduradola A.M.


An investigation was carried out in Olokemeji Forest Reserve (Nigeria) to examine the impact of farming activities on the vegetation of the reserve. The 5,888 hectare forest reserve was divided into three zones for the purpose of this study. They are natural forest (zone 1), plantation (zone 2) and...

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Sorption and de-sorption of 2,4 -D and Atrazine from water environment by waste tyre rubber granules and its management


Alam J.B., Dickshit A.K. and Bandyopadhyay M.


Waste tyre rubber granules were used as sorption medium in water treatment technology to remove up to 1 mg l-1 of 2,4-D and atrazine. The removal was found to be 83.2% and 87% corresponding to initial concentration of 0.5 and 1 mg l-1 of 2,4-D whereas it was 84.2% and 87.6% for atrazine. On the...

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