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Geologic and Oceanographic Data Determining the "Old Foreshore Zone", of the Heraklion Coastal Area, Crete Island

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157 - 166

Pehlivanoglou G.K. and Papathanasoglou A.
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Geologic, oceanographic and topographic data and field measurements, of the coastal area in front of
Heraklion City, Crete Island, as well as deep sea wave measurements and shallow wave prediction
numerical modelling were used for the determination of the 1884 foreshore. Data from numerous drills
performed in the coastal area of Heraklion City used for the stratigraphic study of the area. For the
calculation of the shallow area wave height, the deep area wave height and wind measurements in the
of Cretan Sea were used, as input data of the shallow wave prediction model, taking into account the
archive data about the sea bottom bathymetry and the topography of Heraklion area. Then, the
maximum wave run up on the coastal area in 1884, which determines the limit of the old foreshore
zone was calculated, and the critical requirements of the Act 2971/2001 and the Compulsory Law
2344/1940 "the bigger however unexceptional sea wave run up" were estimated. Finally the innermost
limit of the foreshore zone during 1884 was defined, as the 3.5 m level.

old foreshore, wave height, wave run-up, coastal stratigraphy