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Application of a continuous Rainfall-Runoff model to the basin of Kosynthos river using the hydrological software HEC-HMS


Konstantinos Kaffas et al. View all

Water Resources Management

In this paper, the application of a continuous rainfall-runoff model to the basin of Kosynthos River (district of Xanthi, Thrace, northeastern Greece), as well as the comparison of the computational runoff results with field discharge measurements are presented. The rainfall losses are estimated by...

Continuous rainfall-runoff model Kosynthos River +3 more

Estimation and comparison of potential evapotranspiration based on daily and monthly data from Sperchios valley in Central Greece


Spyridon Paparizos et al. View all


There is no golden rule concerning the optimal equations to estimate reference potential evapotranspiration (PETref) under various climates because even in the same climatic type, different studies have produced mixed results in relation to the performance of the empirical PETref equations...

PET EmPEst +3 more

Experimental study of the mechanical and thermal behaviour of pellets produced from oil palm biomass blends


Sonia Rincón et al. View all

Solid Waste Management

The production of bio-pellets is an alternative to add value to the residual biomass of the oil palm-extraction process. In this work, an experimental study of the pelletising process of oil palm residual biomass blends is presented. An experimental full factorial design that uses as factors the...

Biomass pellets oil palm biomass +2 more

An Empirical Decomposition of Deep Groundwater Time Series and Possible Link to Climate Variability


Uma Seeboonruang et al. View all

Water Resources Management

Deep groundwater data reflects hydrological processes, climate change and variability, as well as any anthropogenic influence. Decomposition of deep groundwater signal examines the history of the groundwater region. Detrending is a vital step in decomposition of groundwater time series because it is...

Climate variability Correlation +4 more

Comparison of methylene blue adsorption from aqueous solution using spent tea dust and raw coir pith


R. Gandhimathi et al. View all

Pollution Control Technology

The purpose of the present work is to test the possibility of using the spent tea dust and raw coir pith for the removal of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solution. The effects of the contact time, adsorbent dosage and solution pH were studied in batch experiments at 27 °C. Results showed that a...

Adsorption isotherm +4 more

Biosorption of manganese (II) and aluminium (III) ions from aqueous solution by immobilized Trichoderma asperellum BHU216


S.O. Kareem et al. View all

Water Quality

Removal of Al 3+ and Mn 2+ from solution by Trichoderma asperellum BHU216 immobilized on Irvingia gabonensis matrix in a batch system was investigated. Effect of biosorption conditions contact time, pH, bead size and spore load were studied. Equilibrium isotherms and re-usability of biosorbent were...

II Manganese +6 more

Perceived benefits of selected wetlands in South-West Nigeria


Olarewaju T.O. et al. View all


Poor appreciation of Wetlands has been linked to their massive destruction in Nigeria. This results in a considerable loss of benefits on income generation, food security and environment sustainability. This study assesses people’s perception of benefits from selected Wetlands in South West, Nigeria...

Likert scale Perceived Benefit Index +1 more

Impact of human activities and infrastructure works on hydro morphological characteristics of Alfeios River, Greece


Yannopoulos P.C. et al. View all


The Alfeios River is the greatest in length and flow-rate river in Peloponnisos and constitutes an important water resource and ecosystem of Western Greece. A number of infrastructure works and human activities have been constructed and are operating in Alfeios River Basin, while in the past...

Water quality riverbed changes +2 more

Using inverse modeling to estimate parameter values for three dimensional transport of contaminants in Lake Ontario


Tsanis I.K. et al. View all


The Great Lakes form an important freshwater drinking source for many urban areas surrounding the Lakes but also provide a sink for pollutants and runoff. Consequently introducing new drinking water intakes into any of these water bodies requires investigation into local pollutant sources and their...

3D transport model drinking water intakes +2 more

A simple water quality model as a tool for the evaluation of alternative river basin management plans


Noutsopoulos C. et al. View all

Water Quality

A key component in the implementation of Water Framework Directive is the development of a river basin management plan for each river basin district. Water quality models are important tools to test the effectiveness of alternative management plans on the water quality of the respective water bodies...

Deoxygenation Evrotas River +5 more

Systematic Approach for the selection of monitoring technologies in CO2 geological storage projects. Application of multicriteria decision making


Llamas B. et al. View all


Geologic storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) has been proposed as a viable means for reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Once injection begins, a program for measurement, monitoring, and verification (MMV) of CO2 distribution is required in order to: a) research key features, effects and processes...

CO2 geological storage monitoring +3 more

Quantification of climate-tourism potential for Athens, Greece – Recent and future climate simulations


Panagiotis Nastos et al. View all

Global Environmental Change

The aim of this paper is to present in a useful and understandable way how climatic change could be interpreted for tourism and recreation. Future climate change conditions are analyzed using the Climate Version of the Local Model (CLM) based on the COSMO model, which is currently used – among other...

CLM Climate and Tourism +3 more

A Hybrid Stochastic-ANN Approach for Flow Partitioning in the Okavango Delta of Botswana


Piet K. Kenabatho et al. View all

Water Resources Management

Since a spectrum of hydrological and geomorphological conditions produce flood pulse environment in a riverine or a deltaic system, it is essential to have the knowledge on spatial and temporal distributions of river flow and dependent processes for environmental flow requirements, ecosystem...

Artificial Neural Network Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average +2 more

Methodologies for compiling national inventories of contaminated sites and conducting preliminary site screening


Pantazidou Marina et al. View all


Procedures for compiling a national inventory of contaminated sites must take into account the technical state-of-the-art in the area of subsurface contamination and restoration, the national and supranational regulatory environment, as well as the national administrative infrastructure. Within this...

Contaminated land Subsurface polluting activities +2 more

Site specific agricultural soil management with the use of new technologies


Miltiadis Iatrou et al. View all

Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management

The Soil Science Institute of Thessaloniki produces new digitized Soil Maps that provide a useful electronic database for the spatial representation of the soil variation within a region, based on in situ soil sampling, laboratory analyses, GIS techniques and plant nutrition mathematical models...

soil map new technologies +2 more

Pollution of Nitrates - Contaminant transport in heterogeneous porous media: a case study of the coastal aquifer of Corinth, Greece


George P. Karatzas et al. View all

Water Resources Management

The coastal plain of Corinth, known also as Vocha plain is one of the fast-growing rural areas due to its relatively short distance from Athens. In conjunction with the fast development, water use has also increased. On a large part of the Plain area, irrigated agriculture is practiced and...

Recent and future trends of beach zone evolution in relation to its physical characteristics: The case of the Almiros Bay (Island of Crete, south Aegean Sea)

by et al. View all


The present study investigates recent and future evolution of the beach zone of Almiros Bay, one of the most touristic developed beaches of north Crete, in relation to its morphodynamic setting and the anticipated sea level rise. The beach zone is exposed to northerly winds, with maximum wave...

shoreline retreat N. Crete +3 more