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Purification of Biogas From Tofu Waste using Zeolite and Activated Carbon (AC) as Adsorbent

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491 - 496

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Mochamad Arief Budihardjo
Budihardjo M.A., Syafrudin, Samadikun B.P., Wardhana I.W,. Ramadan B.S., Humaira N.G
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Substitution of fossil fuel into alternative energy sources, such as biogas, needs to be applied to prevent various problems in the environment. Biogas purification can be an alternative technology to improve the quality of biogas, which increases the heat value by reducing CO2. Purification can be carried out by the adsorption method using solid adsorbents, for example natural zeolite and activated carbon. This study used 12 reactors from PVC, with 2 different diameters, 3 different mesh size (20,50,80) and was given both zeolite (A1-A3; B1-B3) and activated carbon (A4-A6; B4-B6). Biogas purification with the addition of zeolite has an optimal compound content in reactor A3 which has an increase in CH4 (63.63%) and decrease in CO2 composition (25.07%), which is better than other reactors. Meanwhile, the results of measurements of gas content on the addition of activated carbon showed optimal performance in reactor A6, which was increased to 76.86% for CH4 levels and CO2 levels dropped to 19.79%.

adsorption, activated carbon, biogas composition, biogas purification, zeolite