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Electricity generation and atmospheric pollution: The role of solid fuels gasification

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    Androutsopoulos G.
    Hatzilyberis K.

Electricity generation in solid fuel fired power stations is currently the main source of flying particulates
and greenhouse gases emissions. Environmental pollution is expected to deteriorate dramatically
in the coming century unless pollution abatement technologies for solid fuels energy conversion will be
applied. The Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) system, currently under industrial testing,
provides for high solid fuel energy conversion efficiency (e.g. ~ 45 %) and favors the application of
proven technologies for gas purification (e.g. H2S oxidation to elemental sulfur, CO2 separation and
disposal as a stable carbonate solid). Additionally, gasification combined with fuel cell technology
(CGFC) may provide in the long run, for energy conversion efficiency well over 50%. This article
reports also the results of pilot plant lignite gasification tests for the production of a medium heating
value synthesis gas using a novel indirect heat (allothermal) gasification process (ALLOGAS). The latter
process employs an indirect heat rotary kiln gasifier and is considered as the most appropriate to
gasify moist lignite with the minimum pretreatment.

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