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Determination of Heavy Metals in Wet Deposition of Athens


Kanellopoulou Helen


The concentrations of ten industrial metals (Pb, Cd, Ni, As, Cr, Zn, Fe, Cu, Al and Mn) in 20 samples of rainwater collected at the station of Athens University Campus (AUC) during the cold period 1/10/97 - 31/3/98 were determined. In general, low concentrations were observed. The Spearman...

Wet deposition Heavy metals +1 more

Setting priorities for wildfires suppression policy in Greece, using a relation between yearly burned areas and recovery time


Hadjibiros K.


In the Mediterranean region, fire is a natural factor, which contributes in the shaping of landscape and the preservation of a high degree of biodiversity. However, often repeated burning has negative impacts on the forested landscapes. When the processes of natural or artificial regeneration are...

wildfires Mediterranean +6 more

Influence of Diphenyloxide Disulfonate Surfactants on Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons


Rouse J. D., Osamu Hirata and Kenji Furukawa


Testing was conducted with anionic diphenyloxide disulfonate (DPDS) surfactants (C12 and C16 alkyl moieties) with naphthalene in aqueous systems and phenanthrene in soil systems to investigate the influence of these surfactants on biodegradation of hydrocarbons. A potential for enhancement in the...

Anionic surfactant solubilization +4 more

Laboratory Evaluation of Ash materials as Acid-Disturbed Land Amendments


Karapanagioti H.K. and Atalay As.


Fly ash (FA) and fluidized bed ash (FBA) solutions were evaluated as amendments for acid-disturbed lands, more specifically for treating acidic and metal contaminated soil. While titrating the ash materials with different volumes of acid, pH changes were monitored as a function of time and the acid...

fly ash fluidized bed ash +1 more