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Spatio-temporal change assessment using normalize difference vegetative index and spectral analysis techniques for vegetation cover on Wadi Auranah

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Ecosystems and Natural Resources Management

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955 - 965

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Gohar A. Mahar
Mahar G.A. Alamri N. Aburizaiza O.S.
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Wadi Auranah is one of the potential wadis in respect of land use, located on the western shield (Hijaz escarpment) of Saudi Arabia. A spatio-temporal change assessment of this wadi (valley) was conducted with the help of landsat data. The results of the spectral analysis and NDVI for vegetation changes assessment reveals a continuous increasing trend of land cover biomass in specific parts of the wadi. Geological review of geologic map supports soil fertility. It is observed from field assessment of the study area that has potential for more land more to be cultivated. About 73 km2 of vegetation land cover has been increased in the last 20 years. Treated wastewater is the main source of water supply that is used for afforestation and cultivation purpose.


NDVI, Spectral enhancement, Spatio-temporal, Satellite Image, Wastewater Treatment