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Hyper Spectral Image Characteristics of Aronia Melanocarpa Leaves under Saline Alkali Stress

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603 - 612

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Yanli Ma
Yunfeng Ding and Yanli Ma*
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Objective: To obtain the characteristics analysis results of aronia melanocarpa leaves under saline alkali stress state and improve yield and quality of aronia melanocarpa. Methods: Using hyper spectral imaging system to obtain hyper spectral images of aronia melanocarpa leaves under saline alkali stress. The clear hyper spectral image is obtained by the conversion of reflectance, spectral envelope removal, and spectral denoising, and final hyper spectral image is obtained by the normalization of a clearer hyper spectral image. Results: Spectral information of aronia melanocarpa leaves under slight saline alkali stress: in the visible band, leaf reflectance is lower than leaf nutrient rich stress condition; in the near infrared band, the nutrient rich leaves was significantly higher than that of stress leaves. Spectral information of leaves under moderate saline alkali stress: spectral reflectance of different lesion spots for a same leaf in 550-680nm band is: severe > moderate > slight > normal, in the near infrared band is on the contrary; spectral reflectance for different lesion grades in 550-680 nm, severe lesion leaves have highest reflectance, and normal leaves have the lowest reflectance. Under severe saline alkali stress, the leaf spectral information is: there is no significant difference in leaf spectral reflectance between the attachment aphid and the damaged leaf, but the difference is obvious for normal leaves in the band of 450-500 nm, 560-680 nm and 750-900 nm. Comparative results analysis for the three of saline alkali stress degree is: the near infrared band of 560-680 nm and the visible band of 780-900 nm is the sensitive band for the diagnosis of three kinds of stress; slight saline alkali stress has the most significant differences at 550 nm, and 780-900 nm; severe saline alkali stress has at 680 nm and 780-900 nm. Conclusion: The proposed method can analyze hyper spectral image characteristics of aronia melanocarpa leaves under different saline alkali stress the condition of is a kind of plant leaves, which is an efficient method for the analysis of characteristics of plant leaves under saline alkali stress.

Aronia melanocarpa, Leaf, Saline Alkali stress, Hyper spectral image, Spectral reflectance, Photosynthetic pigment