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Aeolian Dust Inputs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Marine System

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Marine environment and coastal management

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297 - 302

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Vasileios Kotinas
Kotinas V. Poulos S.
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The aim of this paper is to estimate the amount of aeolian dust, deposited by dry and wet processes, that is deposited to the eleven marine regions of the Mediterranean-Black Sea Marine System (MBMS) and to compare it to the riverine influxes (i.e. suspended and dissolved sediment loads). This research is based on information for aeolian dust deposition at several coastal stations, around the MBMS, following an extended research of the available literature. For data elaboration, processing, and visualization a G.I.S. environment was utilized. The total annual amount of dust input for the whole system has been estimated to 59.9 × 106 tonnes, of which 57.2 × 106 tonnes are deposited in the Mediterranean Sea and only 2.7 ×106 tonnes in the Black Sea. The contribution of dust input (load), corresponding to 6.2% and 0.8% of the total amount of suspended and dissolved load, for the Mediterranean and Black Sea respectively, reveals the significant role of the aeolian dust inputs to the MBMS marine environment, in particular, at its southern Mediterranean domain.

Marine Regions, Sahara dust, Dust Load, Sediments