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Modification of Corn stalk for high-performance adsorption of Coomassie Brilliant blue dye in simulated polluted water: Kinetic study

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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201 - 208

Nahla. A. Taha, Ahmed. Zattot, Eman Mohamed
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In the present work, corn stalk was used as a low cost adsorbent for removal of anionic dye (" CBB"). Corn stalk was treated with two methods to inform Modified corn stalk with magnetic particles (MMCS) and Modified corn stalk with sulfuric acid (SMCS). Comparison between raw and treated corn stalk in dye removal was done. The effect of various parameters as dye concentration (5 to 25 mg/L), particle size (4 mm-125 µm), adsorbent dose (1 to 10 g/L), shaking rate (100 to 250 rpm) , Temperature (15 to 45̊ C) and pH (3 to 11) was investigated versus time interval. The results summarize that the highest % removal of dye 85 % by using raw corn stalk followed by SMCS about 80% and 50% for MMCS. Different kinetic models were applied, the results suggested that adsorption of CBB dye for raw and treated corn stalk follows the pseudo second order model

Coomassie Brilliant blue, anionic dye, Kinetic, Adsorption, corn stalk