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Removal of methylene blue using activated carbon prepared from date stones activated with NaOH

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Gherbia Abdelali
Gherbia A., Chergui A., Yeddou A. R., Selatnia A., Nadjemi B.
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Synthetic dyes have a hurtful effect on human health and the environment. In this work, activated carbon was produced from date stones for use in elimination of methylene blue charged in aqueous solutions. Before that, the adsorbent was characterized by BET method, SEM, X-ray and TGA. The results of the adsorption kinetics are describe better with the pseudo-second order model (R2= 0.998). Frendlich adsorption isotherm model describe better the experimental data than the Langmuir model. The capacity for methylene blue removal was found to be 163.67 mg/g. Batch experiments studies show that the activated carbon produced as of date stones can be used effectively in the treatment of cationic dyes in aqueous solutions.

Adsorption; Kinetic; Isotherm; activated carbon; Methylene blue.