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Purification of waste water from cationic dye using SPGMA polymer: Isotherm and Kinetic study

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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179 - 184

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Nahla Ahmed Taha
M. A. Abu-Saied Nahla. A. Taha
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One of the known methods for dye removing from waste water is using sorbent material for fine removal of dye .The nano- cation exchanger Sulphonated poly glycidyl methacrylate (SPGMA polymer) was used as sorbent material for removing one of the common cationic dyes. SPGMA polymer was prepared and characterized to ensure its surface ability to sorb dye. Percentage removal of Methylene Blue using SPGMA polymer was studied by changing different parameters as sorbent amount, stirring speed, pH and solution temperature. The maximum value for dye removal was about 98%. Adsorption data from experimental work shows that the results fit the pseudo first order model for all parameters studied except for pH study fits pseudo second order. Also sorption mechanism for SPGMA polymer was studied for different dye concentration.

Methylene Blue, SPGMA, Isotherm, Kinetic ,Adsorption