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Issue on Air Pollution and Atmospheric Processes


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Local scale simulation of air temperature by a two-step hybrid downscaling approach using regional climate modeling and artificial neural networks


Philippopoulos K. et al. View all


The influence of microscale and mesoscale meteorology on the local scale variation of air temperature cannot be correctly simulated by the coarse resolution Global Climate Models. The scope of this work is to develop a hybrid dynamic-statistical downscaling procedure and quantify its predictive...

Analyzing the basic meteorological aspects of a particulate air pollution episode over the industrial area of Northwestern Greece during the November of 2009


Karagiannidis A.F. et al. View all


The complex terrain basin of Amyntaio – Ptolemais – Kozani in Western Macedonia of Greece is an area characterized by increased industrial activity and therefore it demands continuous and assiduous environmental monitoring. A prolonged particulate matter air pollution episode was recorded in the...

Synergies between environmental pressures in the urban climate: combined air quality and noise exposure assessment in Thessaloniki, Greece


Vlachokostas Ch. et al. View all


This study offers a combined analysis of personal exposure to noise and air pollution within the metropolitan centre of Thessaloniki, Greece. The area is selected on the grounds that it is considered as one of the most polluted cities in Europe, especially with respect to air pollution. An extensive...