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Issue on Water Quality


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Quality of Groundwater in Western Thessaly the Problem of Nitrate Pollution


Dimopoulos Μ., Chalkiadaki Μ., Dassenakis Μ. And Scoullos M.


The results of a research study about the groundwater quality in western Thessaly, that took place during the period 2001-2002, are presented in this paper. The study included two samplings during May and August of 2002. In May the water table is at high level while at the end of the summer the...

groundwater nitrogen compounds +2 more

Pilot - Plant Experiments For The Removal of Thms, Haas and Doc from Drinking Water by Gac Adsorption- Galatsi Water Treatment Plant, Athens


Babi K.G., Koumenides K.M., Nikolaou A.D., Mihopoulos N.S., Tzoumerkas F.K., Makri C.A. and Lekkas T... View all


A pilot-plant study was carried out with the water supply to Athens water works filtered through a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter- adsorber. The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of GAC for the removal from drinking water of the two main groups of disinfection by...

THMs HAAs +4 more

Optimization of Analytical Methods for the Determination of Trace Concentrations of Toxic Pollutants in Drinking and Surface Waters


Lekkas T.D., Kostopoulou M., Kolokythas G., Thomaidis N., Golfinopoulos S., Kotrikla A., Pavlogeorga... View all


Pollutants posing health risks to human health and to the aquatic environment often occur in drinking and surface waters, as a result of disinfection practices, agricultural and industrial activities, wastewater discharges. Toxic pollutants belong to different chemical categories, including...

analytical methods chlorination by-products +5 more

Determination, Interpretation and Modeling of Chlorination by-Products Concentrations in Surface Waters


Nikolaou A., Arhonditsis G., Kolovoyiannis V., Golfinopoulos S. and Lekkas T.


The formation of chlorination by-products (CBPs) was investigated by bench-scale chlorination experiments with surface waters from different sources in Lesvos island, Greece. The main factors studied were organic matter content of water (expressed as UV-272 absorbance), time and chlorine dose. The...

chlorination by-products multifactor analysis of variance +2 more

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Organic Carbon in Main Rivers of the Western Greece


Ovezikoglou P., Ladakis M., Dassenakis M. and Skoullos M.


Results of a monitoring project for the water quality of three important rivers of western Greece (Acheloos, Louros and Acherontas) are presented in this paper. The results include the concentrations as well as the temporal and spatial distributions of nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, ammonia and...

River Acheloos +4 more

The Distribution of Copper in Saronicos Gulf after the Operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Psitalia


Dassenakis Μ., Scoullos Μ., Rapti K., Pavlidou A., Tsorova D. and Paraskevopoulou V.


The establishment of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Athens is considered as the main factor contributing to the improvement of water quality and recovery of the marine ecosystem in Saronicos gulf as it removes significant percentage of pollutants entering the gulf, including heavy metals. The...

Copper Seawater +2 more

Distribution Οf Metals & Organic Contaminants Ιn Mussels from Thermaikos Gulf


Catsiki V., Hatzianestis I. and Rigas F.


The levels and the distribution of metals, hydrocarbons and organochlorine compounds were studied in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) and surface sediments collected from Thermaikos gulf in March 1999. Hydrocarbon values were indicative of moderate pollution, whereas in some cases clear evidence...

Bioaccumulation hydrocarbons +4 more