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Issue on Wastewater Management


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Corn Irrigation with Reclaimed Municipal Wastewater


Panoras A., Evgenidis G., Bladenopoulou S., Melidis B., Doitsinis A., Samaras I., Zdragkas A. and Ma... View all


The effects of effluent from Thessaloniki, the second most populated Greek city, reclaimed either by activated sludge or by stabilization ponds, were studied on field-grown corn. The experimental layout was that of a split- plot design with six replications, three water qualities and two irrigation...

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Characterisation of Metal Retention Agents and Study of their Application in Liquid Wastes


Xirokostas N., Korkolis A., Diamantopoulou L., Zarkathoula Th. And Moutsatsou A.


A procedure that should be implemented for the evaluation of materials suitability, in terms of their use as metal retention agents, is presented. It derives from a review of materials and waste treatment mechanisms, which has been studied and is also presented. Lignite fly ash, agricultural ashes...

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Integrated Wastewater Management on a County Basis


Tzimas A., Gavalaki E. and Andreadakis A.


The paper discusses a methodology for integrated municipal wastewater management. In compliance to the EU Directive 91/271, there is a legal binding to ensure that all agglomerations with populations over 2000 are provided with wastewater collecting system and adequate treatment. The conditions for...

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Wastewater Reuse Criteria In Greece


Andreadakis A., Gavalaki E., Mamais D. and Tzimas A.


The sustainable management of water resources often requires the identification of wastewater as a valued source of water. Although the benefits of wastewater reuse and reclamation have increased significantly in Europe because of the advances in effectiveness of wastewater treatment and...

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