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Integrated Wastewater Management on a County Basis

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15 - 22

Tzimas A., Gavalaki E. and Andreadakis A.
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The paper discusses a methodology for integrated municipal wastewater management. In compliance
to the EU Directive 91/271, there is a legal binding to ensure that all agglomerations with populations
over 2000 are provided with wastewater collecting system and adequate treatment. The conditions for
optimum application of the Directive in Greece, especially in the light of the recent administrative reorganization,
and the management of small rural communities not covered by the Directive are
addressed, with reference to a case study application in the Achaia County. In compliance to the EU
Directive 91/271, it is estimated that collecting systems and treatment should expand to at least 70% of
the total population. However, due to the expanding touristic activity, the limited availability of land,
environmental considerations, and favorable population characteristics (high density, relatively large
communities) and morphological and socioeconomical conditions, it is proposed that coverage can
reach to 85% of the total population. As for the rest of the County population (15%), decentralized on
site wastewater treatment and disposal schemes were proved to be the most technically effective and
economically efficient alternative.

Wastewater management, Directive 91/271, decentralized systems, on site treatment