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Dye removal abilities of the mesophilic and thermophilic biomass: a kinetics study

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    Sayilgan E.Corresponding
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Mesophilic biomass and thermophilic biomass samples were isolated and used to remove Dorasyn Red dye from aqueous solutions. The biosorption kinetics of dye uptake by four different types of biomass at three temperatures (20, 30, and 40 °C) were investigated using pseudo-first order kinetics, pseudo-second order kinetics, intraparticle diffusion, Elovich, and Bangham models. The pseudo-second-order kinetics model and the first stage of the intraparticle diffusion model were effective in describing the experimental kinetics data. The biosorption results showed that the mesophilic biomass samples could be useful for removing dye under acidic conditions.

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