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Research on high performance green concrete using nano particles and organic materials: an eco-friendly approach

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Circular economy
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1 - 7

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Abiraami. R
Abiraami. R, Anuradha. R
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Since concrete is a fundamental component of all types of construction, many researchers are concentrating on developing High Performance Concrete (HPC) using efficient manufacturing processes. Nano silica is a quartz and silica dust this can be replaced instead of cement to achieve great strength and to produce sustainable concrete. Sustainable concrete is eco-friendly concrete produced by industrial waste materials and other materials, nano silica when substituted instead of concrete produce less carbon emission in environment compare to cement concrete. High performance concrete is one that is strong, durable, and easy to work in. With correct material selection, mix design, and concrete handling from the fresh stage through the hardening stage, HPC can be achieved. This study aims to produce a High Performance Concrete (HPC) using sisal fibres, nano silica and delonixregia pods. M70 mix design was followed to produce a HPC and it is compared with conventional concrete with 0.36 w/c ratio. The pods of delonixregia ash is replaced from 1% to 7% to produce HPC, the delonixregia ash is added in HPC as a corrosion inhibitor. The nano silica is used from 0.5 % - 3.5% and the sisal fibre was replaced from 0.5 -1% and super plasticizer of 2% instead of cement content by volume replacement. The mechanical characteristics are analyzed in this investigation. The test results shows satisfactory results in the performance of HPC with the pods of delonixregia with 5%, nano silica with 2.5% and sisal fibres with 1% of replacement in ternary blended cement concrete with 2% replacement of super plasticizers (M13 mix).

Green Concrete, Nano particles-Nano-silica and Delonixregia Pods, reduce carbon emission, waste to energy, etc