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Conceptual site modelling for evaluating contaminant mobility and pump-and-treat remediation

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67 - 76

Nikolaidis N.P. and Shen H.
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The development of a conceptual site model (CSM) is an invaluable tool used for assessing and planning
remedial actions at a contaminated site. The CSM incorporates site-specific, hydrogeologic and
geochemical information to identify contaminants of concern, sources of pollution, environmental
pathways and retardation mechanisms, and points of exposure. The model is dynamic and continually
revised as new information is obtained during the course of investigation. A ground water contamination
case study is examined to illustrate the development and application of a CSM. The site is a metal
plating facility that has contaminated the ground water with chromium. The CSM was incorporated
into a 3-D fate and transport model. The Heavy Metal model, HM-3D, was used to simulate the fate
and transport of chromium at the site and evaluate pump-and-treat remediation scenarios.

chromium, arsenic, column studies, metal finishing operations, municipal landfill