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Air Quality Prediction using Ensemble Voting based Deep Learning with Mud Ring Algorithm for Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Air Quality

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100 - 108

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Sivanesh S
Sivanesh S G.Mani Venkatraman S R.Nandhini
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In recent times, advanced technologies in transportation are developing like connected and automated vehicles and shared mobility services. A rapidly increasing number of vehicles in intelligent transportation system (ITS) and smart cities causes pollution and degrade the quality of air. Owing to the incredible effect of air quality on individual lives, it is indispensable to design a system by which air pollutants (PM2.5, NOx, COx, SOx) are predicted. But predicting air quality and its pollutants was complex since air quality relies on various elements like power plants, weather, and vehicular emissions. Deep learning (DL) and Machine learning (ML) techniques are leveraged for developing an air quality predictive method. This study develops an Air Quality Prediction utilizing Ensemble Voting based Deep Learning with Mud Ring Algorithm (AQP-EDLMRA) technique. The presented AQP-EDLMRA technique follows the ensemble voting model, which exploits three DL classification methods like long short-term memory (LSTM), deep belief network (DBN), and stacked autoencoder (SAE). Then, the new data can be classified by the weighted vote of their prediction outcomes. To adjust the hyperparameter values of the DL methods, the MRA was exploited, showing the novelty of the work. The simulation values of the AQP-EDLMRA approach are tested using a series of air quality data and the comprehensive comparative results demonstrated that the AQP-EDLMRA technique has reached improved forecasting performance.

Intelligent transportation system; Air quality; Deep learning; Ensemble models; Mud ring algorithm; Normalization; Pollution monitoring

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