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Disaster risk management: Focused to flood hazard and its impact in Pakistan

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Floods, Droughts and Water scarcity

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234 - 247

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Dr. Sakina Riaz
Sanjrani Manzoor, Abuzar Wajidi Shoaib Ahmed Wagan Sakina Riaz Muhammad Siddique5a
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Recently, weather and climate related extreme occasions circumstances such as droughts, heat waves, bush fires and floods are increasing around the world. South Asian countries, that have the highest annual average number of people physically affected by natural hazards mostly by floods. Most popular flood risk areas are urban areas because there is rapid urbanization infrastructure and uncontrolled development. These are the most common factors that It results in more people being vulnerable to natural hazards floods than ever before. Pakistan is positioned within a hazard-prone region and is exposed to several kinds of natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, landslides, droughts and floods but still it lacks proper disaster management policies. Floods in Pakistan bring a great destruction both in urban and rural areas. This paper focuses on some of the key benefits that may be achieved in presence of a proper disaster management framework or policies and also it proposes latest technologies to deal with hazards. This paper also demonstrates a simple concept that may be adopted and implemented immediately, that may help to minimize the impact economically, socially and environmentally.

Flood disaster, Monsoon, Agricultural Growth, Disaster risk reduction, Floods risk management in Pakistan, Sustainable development