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The potential for transboundary cooperation towards the conservation of the avifauna in the mountain region Tzena/Kozhuf

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102 - 110

Papadopoulou D.S. and Tsitsoni T.K.
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When it comes to shared natural resources between two countries it is essential to mitigate
differences in the management which underpin threats to the conservation of those resources by
putting the way forward for coordination of the management of the area as a whole. Shared natural
resources are thus a good basis for transboundary cooperation. Additionally, mountain regions,
which represent areas that are vital for the conservation of biodiversity, provide an outstanding
example of that, as the survival of many species, which move across the national border, depends
on the wise treatment of their habitats, as well as the mitigation of pressures, which pose threats on
their survival. The fact that such challenges cannot be faced effectively only by one affected party
has been recognized and resulted in a steady increase worldwide of transboundary conservation
initiatives involving mountains. The present paper aims to examine the above topics by focusing on
the mountain region of Tzena/Kozhuf, which extends across the national border between Greece
and F.Y.R.O.M. and constitutes an important site for the conservation of raptors. Based on this
evaluation of the land uses as far its compatibility with matters of conservation of raptor species are
concerned, challenges in matters of sustainable land use management have been recorded. With
both parties having made the first steps towards a coordinated management of these shared natural
resources there are further measures proposed in order to ensure long term success.

transfrontier landscape, Greece, F.Y.R.O.M, collaboration, land uses

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