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A spatially allocated emissions inventory for Cyprus

  • Authors
    Tsilingiridis G.
    Sidiropoulos C.
    Pentaliotis A.
    Evripidou C.
    Papastavros C.
    Mesimeris T.
    Papastavrou M.

In this paper, a detailed spatial allocated emissions inventory for Cyprus is presented. Topdown
and bottom-up methodologies are implemented and emissions are estimated from all
anthropogenic sources for the reference year 2002 with the aid of state-of-the-art algorithms.
Emission factors representative for the situation in Cyprus, in the case of major industrial
units, and default emission factors for the rest emission sources are adopted. Main results
indicate that power generation and road transport are the major contributors to total
emissions. Power generation share was 36% in total CO2, 62% in total SΟ2, 20% in total NOx
and 55% in total Ν2Ο emissions, while the share of road transport was 29% in CO2, 22% in
SΟ2, 35% in NOx and 6% in Ν2Ο emissions. Furthermore, comparisons to other existing
emission inventories for Cyprus and official national emission data are presented and
differences are partially explained.
A GIS-based approach is applied to generate, organize and spatially allocate emissions data
in a 5x5 km² grid. GIS-aided spatial overlay techniques are used and maps of spatial
allocation factors and gridded emissions data are produced and presented, showing that
highest emission densities appear in cells, which include large industrial plants and/or cover
urban areas.