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Synthesis of pyrene-based Fe(II)-complex and its photovoltaic properties

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    Corresponding: Dr. Sabit HOROZ
    Co-authors: Erdoğan M, Demirci S., Adıgüzel V., İzgi M.S.
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Graphical abstract

(E)-2-((pyren-1-ylmethylene)amino)phenol (3) containing pyrene linked through an imine bond to a phenol unit was synthesized and its Fe-complex 4 was prepared. The complex 4 is characterized by infrared (IR), x-ray diffraction (XRD) and UV-Vis spectroscopy techniques. The synthesized complex was used as a sensitizer in a solar cell structure. From the current density (J) - voltage (V) curve obtained, the values of the short-circuit current density (JSC), maximum current density (JM), open-circuit voltage (VOC) and maximum voltage (VM) for the complex 4 were determined as 6.68 mA /cm2, 4.73 mA /cm2, 0.56 V and 0.41 V, respectively. Using these parameters, the fill factor (FF) and power conversion efficiency value (η) of complex 4 were calculated as 0.52 and 1.94, respectively. This value shows that complex 4 can be used as an effective sensitiser in solar cell applications.

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