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Removal of Pb (II) Ions in The Aqueous Solution by Photo-Fenton Method

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    Siswanta D.
    Supraba D.
    Budiraharjo S.
    Wayhuni E.Corresponding
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Photo-Fenton for decreasing concentration of Pb(II) ions in the aqueous solution is systematically studied. The photo-Fenton process was carried out by batch technique, under UV light. The influences of process operating parameters were evaluated. The results of the research demonstrated that by photo-Fenton process, the concentration of Pb(II) ions in the aqueous solution can be decreased, that may be through oxidation mechanism by OH radicals. The decrease is found to be controlled by Fe2+ and H2O2 concentrations, as well as by the pH and the irradiation time. For 20 mg/L of Pb(II) in the 100 mL solution, the optimum condition of the oxidation is obtained to be 10 mmole/L of Fe2+, 200 mmole/L of H2O2, pH 3, and 90 min of the reaction time. It is also confirmed that the oxidation of Pb (II) by OH radical has formed the undissolved PbO2, that is less toxic and easier to be handled.

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