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Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnaces Slag and kaolin mixtures


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105 - 111

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Ahmed Mohammed Awad Mohammed
Mohammed AMA Mohd Yunus NZ Hezmi MA Ahmad Rashid AS
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Mineral carbonation has been utilised extensively worldwide as the most important way of permanently sequestering carbon dioxide (CO2). This study objective includes sequestering of CO2 gas from atmosphere via carbonation of magnesium and calcium. Waste materials such as ground granulated blast furnaces slag (GGBS) extracted through iron manufacturing as well as brown kaolin mixtures were employed. Acid digestion method as well as thermogravimetric analysis were employed to quantify CO2 sequestered by GGBS-kaolin mixtures.The outcomes indicated that the acid digestion technique is more dependable compared to TGA in measuring CO2. Nonetheless, both methods deduced that the quantity of CO2 sequestered is about 5% from the total dry mass of the mixtures. Thus, GGBS-kaolin mixtures effectively sequester a substantial quantity of CO2.

kaolin clay, ground granulated blast-furnaces slag, carbon dioxide, acid digestion method, thermogravimetric analysis.