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Eco-friendly isolation of tannin based natural colorant from coconut coir (Cocos nucifera) for dyeing of bio-mordanted wool fabric

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65 - 72

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shumaila kiran
Adeel S. Kiran S. Yousaf M.S.
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Due to hazardous effluent load of synthetic dyes, the global community is now seeking inclusion of natural products particularly green dyes and pigment in various fields. Current study has been concerned with utilization of eco-friendly tools for isolation of colorants from plant wastes such as coconut coir (Cocos nucifera) for coloration of natural fibers such as wool. Coconut based Tannin was isolated after exposure by microwave treatment for 1-6 min in various media following by optimization of dyeing variables. Excellent yield onto fabric were obtained when coconut coir extract of 1 pH containing 5g/100 mL Glauber salt, was used to dye at 65 oC for 65 min. To develop new shades among mordants used, bio-mordanted wool fabrics exhibited more excellent shades than chemical ones with excellent fastness ratings. It has been concluded that Microwave treatment has excellent potential to isolate natural dye from plant wastes, where the introduction of bio-mordants for shade depth and fastness characteristics has made process more sustainable and viable for natural fibers coloration.

Coconut coir; microwave treatment and wool dyeing; chemical mordants and bio-mordants; K/S value; colorfastness