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Ecofriendly dyeing of microwave treated cotton fabric using reactive violet H3R

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Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development

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43 - 47

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Shumaila Kiran
Kiran S., Adeel S., Rehman F.Ur., Gulzar T., Jannat M. and Zuber M.
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The urge of environmental friendly techniques in textile processing is gaining much attention due to high risks of effluent load causing eco-imbalance. For the present study, the cotton fabric and Reactive Violet H3R dye solution were treated with microwave radiation for 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 min. at different powers (low, medium & high). Dyeing was performed using un-irradiated (NRC) and irradiated cotton (RC) with un-irradiated (NRS) and irradiated dye solution (RS). Different dyeing parameters were optimized and ISO standard methods for color fastness were employed to rate the color change before and after irradiation. It is found that microwave irradiation for 8 min. at high power has given good colour strength. When 60 mL irradiated dye solution of 7.5pH containing 8g/L of salt as exhausting agent is used to dye irradiated fabric at 60oC for 55 min. ISO standards for colorfastness employed at various shades have shown that microwave irradiation has improved the rating of fastness properties. It is concluded that microwave irradiation has a promising potential to improve the color strength and dyeing properties under mild conditions.

Cotton, Reactive Volet H3R dye, Microwave radiation, Sustainable tool, Eco-friendly technique