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Study of Removal of Direct Black ANBN dye from Aqueous Solution by Chitosan-Functionalized Mesoporous (SBA-15) Composites Synthesized by Electrospinning Method

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Water and Wastewater Treatment

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13 - 21

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Mohammad Habibi Juybari
Masoudnia S. Habibi Juybari M. Zafar Mehrabian R. Ebadi M. Kaveh F.
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In this research, capability of adsorption of modified chitosan Nano composites with functionalized mesoporous silica which synthesized by electrospinning method in the removal of direct black ANBN dye has been studied. Silicate mesoporous were functionalized during synthesis process and then the intended Nano fibers were produced by using of electrospinning device. Synthesized Nano fibers were recognized by analyzing the FT-IR, XRD, FE-SEM, and TEM and tension test. The removal of direct black ANBN dye from aqueous solution in a continuous system was done by this adsorbent by studying the effects of some parameters such as type and amount of adsorbent, pH, initial concentration of colored solution and contact time; And at the end finding appropriate isotherms for direct black dye adsorption was done. The result show that simple CTS/SBA-15 have the best removal efficiency in 40 min of contact time, in acidic pH, with 0.05 gr adsorbent and 60 mg/L initial concentration. By examining the adsorption isotherms, it has been clearly defined [that] Removal of this dye follows Freundlich model. In order to compare accurately and evaluate the efficiency of the synthesized sample, the adsorption of Direct Black ANBN was investigated by two different adsorbents: CTS/SBA-15 and Chitosan. According to the results, CTS/SBA-15 Nano fibers have suitable efficiency for removal of direct black ANBN dye.

removal, dye, Nano composite, mesoporous silica, functionalized, Electrospinning