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Assessment of Lead and Cadmium in Groundwater Sources Used for Drinking puposes in Jijel (northeastern Algeria).

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Water Quality

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417 - 423

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Balli Nassima
Balli N and Leghouchi E
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Groundwater is one of the important sources of drinking water In Jijel (northeastern Algeria). Various analyses have shown critical concentrations of lead and cadmium in several groundwater sources used for drinking. The aim of this study is to evaluate the contamination by lead and cadmium of boreholes and hand-dug wells located in the catchment of the Nile River. Therefore, chemical analysis was performed on drinking water samples from eight boreholes; tow hand dug wells and one spring supplying Jijel city in drinking water. The water samples were examined for the presence of cadmium and lead using the SAA- 6200 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu Corporation). The results of this study show high concentrations of lead (ranged from 72.84±0.26 to 458.95±0.55 μg.L-1) and cadmium (ranged from 12.41±0.88 to 33±0.38 μg.L-1) in all water samples. These concentrations far exceeded permissible values according to the WHO are drinking water posing a potential health risk for the public. The water quality in the studied area of Nile River basin must be considered very low.

boreholes, cadmium, drinking water, groundwater; hand-dug wells, lead, Nile River.