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Cadmium impact on the phytotoxicity of lead to spring barley Hordeum vulgare

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CEST2017 - Heavy metals in the environment

Pages :
490 - 494

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Jurate Zaltauskaite
Zaltauskaite J., Mikalaikeviciute L.
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The aim of the study was to determine cadmium influence on the lead phytotoxicity to spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). The seedlings of H. vulgare were treated with single Pb (ranging from 0.1 to 100 mg l-1) and Pb mixture with Cd. Plant biomass production, physiological response, induction of oxidative damage and metals accumulation in roots and shoots were evaluated. Single Pb and under the presence of cadmium impaired the growth of H. vulgare, altered the content of photosynthetic pigments and induced lipid peroxidation. The addition of Cd to the Pb treatments has led to additive or synergistic effects on H. vulgare shoot and root dry weight, oxidative damage and increased bioaccumulation. The interactive effect of these metals on the content of photosynthetic pigments was concentration range dependent. Additivity was detected when H. vulgare were exposed to low concentrations of Cd and Pb and high concentrations of these metals had lower than additive effect.

accumulation, barley, cadmium, interaction, lead, oxidative stress