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Major and Minor Element Levels in Greek Apicultural Products

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423 - 429

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Helen Karasali, Niki C. Maragou
Maragou N.C., Pavlidis G., Karasali H. and Hatjina F.
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In the present study, four beehive matrices (honey, propolis, pollen and bees), sampled from thirteen apiaries from Northern and Western Greece, were analyzed for the presence of Cr, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, Mg, and Ca. The proposed method involved microwave digestion with H2O2 and HNO3, dilution with water and direct determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The results showed that the levels of elements in all apicultural products present the following order: Ca > Mg > Zn ≈ Fe > Mn > Cu. Cr was detected at LOD level (0.3 μg g-1) only in some pollen samples from industrial areas. The most abundant elements determined were Ca (3.42 mg g-1) and Mg (1.5
mg g-1) in pollen and propolis. It was also demonstrated that all detected elements are accumulated at higher concentrations in pollen, propolis and bees and to a much lesser extent in honey. Dependence of the content of Mg in honey and of the content of Zn and Cu in pollen, on the geographical origin of samples was identified.

micro-elements, macro-elements, honey, pollen, propolis, bees