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The SWOT analysis for sustainable MSWM and minimization practices in Turkey

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Environmental Sciences

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83 - 87

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Fulya Aydın Temel
Aydın Temel F., Konuk N., Turan N.G., Ayeri T. and Ardalı Y.
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One of the most important environmental problems is municipal solid waste management (MSWM) as a result of the rapid rise in waste generation due to industrialization, economic development, urbanization, and rapid population growth in Turkey. The collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste are conducted by municipal authorities of Turkey. The waste management problem is getting more serious due to some reasons such as lack of enforcement of regulations, weak technical and financial resources, poor infrastructure, insufficient policies and deficiency of political priorities, poor coordination between authorities. Hence, despite the legislation, municipal solid wastes are managed in an unscientific manner by the municipalities. The SWOT analysis is a perfect tool to discover the possibilities and ways for successfully implementing the MSWM. In this study, SWOT analysis carried out both negative and positive concerns of MSWM. A successful strategic management has been identified from the SWOT analysis for the municipal solid wastes. Further, the study proposes options based on SWOT analysis approach to improve in available waste management practices that could also be adopted by other countries to decrease the adverse effect of MSW on human and environment health.

solid waste, management, Swot analysis, sustainability, minimization.