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Healthcare waste management in Greece. The example of Health Region of Western Greece, Peloponnese, Epirus and Ionian Islands

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Environmental Sciences

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96 - 102

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Miltiadis Zamparas
Zamparas M. and Kalavrouziotis I.K.
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The aim of the present study is a) to examine the healthcare waste management practices in W. Greece, Peloponnese, Epirus and Ionian islands b) to investigate the implementation of the institutional frame and c) to make suggestions in order to achieve a proper Hospital Healthcare Waste Management utilizing best practices. A questionnaire was prepared and distributed to selected people in 29 hospitals. The survey was conducted in the period 2015-2016.
The results showed that more hospitals have an established Hazardous Medical Waste Management System, based on internal regulation of infectious waste management. The quantities of infectious wastes produced by the studied hospitals, expressed per day and bed (kg bed -1 day -1) were within the range illustrated both in Greek and International literature. In relation to waste management policy, the replies to the questionnaire show that most attention is given to the management of hazardous medical wastes, while the necessary importance is not given in the appropriate management of urban wastes (separation, recycling and reuse). In addition, according to the findings of the present study, the wastewater management in hospitals is considered of minor importance.
Thus, more investigation is required to evaluate the best operation wastewater treatment scheme to achieve the protection of human health and ecosystems.
The hospitals studied have not tried to adopt an Ecological Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) a fact that reinforces our observation that none of them had made a commitment to minimize the environmental impact related to their function.

healthcare waste, waste Management